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For The Week Of July 30, 2002

There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD : -Deuteronomy 18:10-12a

Even as there has been an effort to marginalize Biblical Christianity, the form of neo-Paganism known as Wicca has been gaining popularity in the West. While many pagan views have quietly made their way into children's fantasy books and movies, in recent years Wicca has been increasingly given an open voice in the media, defended and promoted as a 'good' religion that has been unjustly stereotyped. Unfortunately, while Wiccans are generally peaceable people who want to do good things through their 'craft', the true nature of Wicca is satanic in origin, and a danger to those who practice it.

This article seeks to show how to deal with the benign-looking religion of Wicca, first by bringing to light how far it deviates from the Scriptures, and then by revealing how typical of Satan it is - both in its message and in its results. If our families are made aware of the true nature of Wicca, they can better be protected from its deceptions.

According to many practicing Wiccans, or "witches", the word wicca comes from a root word meaning "wise". However, others say the word is actually derived from a German root word meaning "to twist or to bend." Wicca is a pagan mystery religion which involves seeking deeper knowledge, initiation rites, and goddess and god worship. Witches also engage in casting spells and magick, spelled with a 'k' to differentiate between it from the smoke-and-mirrors magic practiced by stage conjurors.

Wiccans see themselves as good people and claim that a true witch will only cast good spells. The two basic rules of the Wiccan religion are expressed in the Wiccan Rede, "As it harm none, do as ye will" and in the Threefold Law that whatever you do will return to you three times over. Beyond these two, there are few rules, and witches are encouraged to follow their own spiritual paths. Some witches even see themselves as "Christian witches" or "Jewish witches" not realizing how absolutely Wicca comes against everything that the Bible teaches.

Witches, like other pagan religions, deny the existence of sin and Satan, claiming these are Christian creations. Their goddess worship involves revering Earth as our mother. They believe in many gods, and see reincarnation in a positive light, as a means of improving oneself with each lifetime. Witches do not believe in absolute truth, and look to themselves to determine what is right and wrong, seeking the assistance of their spiritual guides for help in making decisions, or in using and developing their powers.

Every one of these beliefs is absolutely contrary to what the Bible teaches. The Word of God makes it clear that sin exists (1 John 1:8-10) and that we are in the state we are in because of our rebellion against His law (Isaiah 59:1,2, Rom 6:23). Satan is a real being, a liar and murderer who hates us and seeks to destroy us (Luke 10:18, John 8:44, 1Peter 5:8). The earth is not our mother, but was created by God, just as we were (Isaiah 45:12). There is only one true God, and those who worship other gods serve demons (Isaiah 45:22, Deut 32:16,17). Reincarnation is a false hope; we have only one life and then we face judgment (Hebrews 9:27). God has given His Word to let us know what is good and bad, right and wrong, and there is great wisdom and reward in obeying Him (Jeremiah 17:9, Psalms 19:7-11).

Wicca denies the very real problem of sin that separates us from God, and in doing so prevents witches from understanding our human need for God's forgiveness, as well as the great power of Christ to heal them and their often broken lives. However, beyond simply denying humankind's true spiritual condition, Wicca also leads its followers deep into the occult.

Surfing the web, one can find a host of online stores selling products to witches. Candles, incense, scrying ("crystal") balls, scrying mirrors, pendulums, and tarot cards can be found online, sounding very much like a list out of a Harry Potter book. Spell-casting kits can be found, offering spells on how to build personal power, how to draw protective energy, bring out your inner beauty, or to draw love into your life. While witches claim to only use spells for good, these stores also sell spells to break harmful spells cast against you.

Online classes are available to teach initiates such practical witch lessons as "Basics of Spell Casting", "Tarot made simple" and "Elements of Magick". The course description for the latter states, "Course material will include the use of laws, tools and altars, circle casting, familiars and totems, moon magick and moon phases, elements, earth holidays, rituals and spells. This course assumes that you already have a working understanding of magicků."

While these things sound almost part of a fairy tale, the world of Hogwarts, the problem is that these are serious students of the occult, leading others into occultic studies which are very real, and touching a very real spiritual world [hence the danger of such stories like Harry Potter]. Those who practice magick find that their spells do affect things in their lives. Witches do communicate with spiritual beings, do find power through the magick they practice, and devote themselves to seeking deeper knowledge and becoming more skilled in the 'craft'.

While devotees of Wicca deny the existence of Satan, the master Deceiver has disguised himself as an angel of light (2Cor 11:14) and has presented himself as a friend, offering power and love and mystery - never mentioning the strings that are attached. Thousands of witches, just like Eve, are believing his lie, "God is holding out on you. You will not surely die, but will become like gods, knowing good and evil"(Gen 3:4,5).

As witches delve in further, however, they find that nothing truly satisfies, and they must keep going deeper to find the fulfillment they desire. The spiritual guides that claim to be helping them do not stop them from all manners of self-destructive behavior. The spirits they believed they controlled end up controlling them. In the end, their hearts remain empty, and their lives lacking peace and joy. If they try to get out, many find themselves not only in need of God's redemption, but also of freedom from the powerful demonic forces that have been using them for so long.

We need to remind our children that while Satan offers things that look and 'smell' and 'taste' good, the things he offers always lead to death. Satan offers us freedom, but then throws chains around us and drags us wherever he wants us to go. God, on the other hand, always truly seeks our best. He does not always give us everything we want, but does give us what we need. He also does not force His will on us. Instead, He calls us to choose to love and obey Him, and to submit ourselves to Him. When we have put ourselves in His hands, He fills all our greatest needs. He frees us from the chains of sin, heals us, strengthens us, and then leads us into doing truly great things. In fact, He gives us true power over the spirits in the name of Jesus (Luke 10:19,20). God's way of doing things is truly loving and wise, and is ultimately the most freeing. "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upong Him; for He careth for you," (1Peter 5:6,7).

As we face the alluring promises of Wicca in our neighborhoods and even in our families, may we continue to be bold in the love of God to confront the issue and to teach our friends and families the truth of what it represents - with the heart of God for the people who may be caught in its trap.

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: -1Peter 3:15

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